Thursday, July 28, 2011

If the Book Fits, Read It!

Our students are engaged in independent reading daily.  This year we will have them read independently daily as a literacy center in addition to our 10 minute independent reading time as a group.  We are expected to include this as a literacy center daily, but as a kindergarten team at my school, we felt that it was important to still have this as a whole group activity because our students are just learning what this activity looks like.  We want to be able to use the 10 minute whole group time to conference with individual students about the books that they are reading, as well as teach/manage behaviors. 

I came across a post on another blogger's page and I fell in love with the video!  What a wonderful way to teach students how to choose a "just right" book!  In the past, we've used the "Goldilocks" analogy, but I think that this is a much more concrete concept for my kindergarten students.  They understand shoe shopping and I love how the video compares "shopping for a good fit book" to this familiar concept!   My favorite part of the video though, however, would have to be that it clearly explains to the students WHY we need to choose good fit books as readers.  Check out the video linked below, the blogger's site where I found the original post, and the materials I created to use in my classroom to help educate my students about this concept.   From what I gather, this concept is part of the Daily 5.  Do any of you use this in your classroom?  I'm thinking about purchasing the book and reading up on it! 

Click the image below to check out this great teaching tool!

Click here to visit Mrs. Parker's post about this video.

I made a classroom poster that I plan on hanging up in my reading center (click the image to get it!), a student bookmark that I plan on having them keep in their book boxes, and a reading shoe size chart that I plan on gluing to their reading log folders so they can be aware of the GR level and their growth as a reader throughout the year.  I also included our reading log for you to download if you would like.  I can't take credit for it; our awesome first grade team created it 2 years ago and they were willing to share it with us and allow us to adapt it for our kindergarten students!  I love working with such great people who are willing to share their ideas for the benefit of the students that we teach!  I hope you find something that you can use!  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Download my reading center poster by clicking this image:

Download the reading log we use in the classroom daily here:

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Amanda! What a great metaphor to help students understand the process of choosing a 'perfect fit.' I love your posters as well. This will be a wonderful resource :)